From the experience of Daiquiri, Francesco and Cinzia have started a new adventure. Same passion different taste, Adduma is a place where to taste delicious Meat cooked professionally, combined with amazing homemade cocktails. The ingredients of Adduma's menù are carefully selected: freshness and quality are the main characteristic of the menù.


Grilled Taste
At Adduma Gillis the main protagonist, choose your meat and we'll do the rest! Our meat selection has been created by choosing the best from all over the world. In our menù you will find: Black Angus, Fiorentina, Tomahawk, Wagyu, Picanha and much more! 


Our expertise 
After many years of experience we've created our personal signature cocktails to match your dishes during your meal. Choose among our creations or ask our waiters which matches better with your dish. 
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